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Project leaders


Project leaders

PL quiz PL answers




1. 0. Introduction

  1. Meet targets.
  2. Coordinate with SCM and CCs.
  3. Instruct and coach.
  4. Motivate.
  5. Arrange on-the-spot coverage.
  6. Send reports.

You're to ensure your CCs fulfill their duties, while remaining fully billable.

Each CC in your service center, including yourself, must:

  • Meet targets.
  • Complete assignments for the day.
  • Submit any required reports.

2. Cash

Cash in the office causes too many problems. Online payments to an ATM card are quick, simple and traceable.

Only pay or send money by ATM card.

Keep things as cashless as possible.

Paying for an expense with your own money? Make an Expense claim. You may be asked for a receipt.

  • Avoid   No loans or cash advances.
  • Avoid   No lending or borrowing.

Your employer never gets involved in any lending or borrowing disputes between employees.

In other words, DON'T LEND OR BORROW OFF EACH OTHER. Your employer won't help you reclaim your money.


3. Complaint against employee

Complaints between one employee and another should be documented and resolved with the doc:Complaint against employee.

The completed doc:Complaint against employee should be sent to the SCM.

Complaints involving lending or borrowing between employees won't be accepted.


4. New hire training

New CC hire checklist

  1. PL Have the new hire sit beside you.
  2. PL Go through the checklist "Day 1: On arrival - at your desk".


  1. PL Seat the new hire at a desk.
  2. PL Go through the checklist "Day 1: At their desk - basic telephone setup".

Reading (20 mins):

  1. PL Set a 20 minute timer.
  2. PL Have them read DHQ project description for 10 mins.

Listening (30 mins):

  1. PL Open the Dropbox links under "call recording samples".
  2. PL Open Training > Calls out > View script.
  3. PL Set up a split screen so that both show side-by-side.
  4. PL Set a 30 minute timer.
  5. PL Have them listen to calls from Dropbox, while following on the script.

Vocal training (40 mins):

  1. PL Open Vocal training.
  2. PL Set a 40 minute timer.
  3. PL Have the new hire do all "Public" vocal training, until they pass once each. Then use remainder of time doing "Project - DHQ Calling".
    • If doesn't get passing scores, reconsider applicant.

Now have the new hire start "DHQ Calling" project.

  • Make sure they know how and when to start timer, and how to go on break.
  • Check their recordings for correct volume.
  • Check their recordings for quality.

5. Recruitment - 3. Job offer and 1st day

See the template:


To add an applicant to Zipier, go to: Project > Recruitment > Applicants > choose person > click "Add as employee".


6. Systems outage


Call in this order until resolved:

  1. Sam Cell.
  2. Craig Cell.

Call in this order until resolved:

  1. Craig Cell.
  2. Fraser Cell.
  3. Fraser Home.

7. Tips

Paper should only be printed for:

  • Signing 1st agreements.
  • Termination docs.
  • Employee IDs.

Nothing else needs to be printed. Don't print announcements. Use Slack, Trello, or email for everything you can.


8. Trello

All lists are done with Trello. You should take the time to learn the following Trello shortcuts.

Archive a card C
Set a due date on a card D
Filter search for a card on the board F
Quickly edit a card Hover then E
Add a colored label to a card Hover then L
Add the 1st colored label to a card Hover then 1 (one)
Add the 2nd colored label to a card Hover then 2
Add members to a card Hover then M
Add a new card after the current card Hover then N
Move the current card across to the next list right Hover then >
Move the current card across to the next list left Hover then <
Show/hide board right side menu W
See all Trello shortcuts ?
  1. Paste a screen shot (snipping tool) to a card.
  2. Type 10 lines of text into notepad, then turn them into 10 cards in a list.
  3. Add comments to a card.
  4. Add a check list to a card.
  5. Create new labels.
  6. Edit existing labels.
  7. Filter the list of cards by label or due date.
  8. See the calendar view.
  9. Create a new board.
  10. Move a card to another board.
  11. Move a list to another board.
  12. Add your "Done" list's cards to your timesheet.
  13. Archive all cards in your "Done" list.
  14. Use Trello on your mobile device.
  1. Add / rotate / remove a sticker.
  2. Restore a card from the trash can (Archived items).
  3. Share a board with others.
  4. Stop uninvited people from seeing your board (make it private).
  5. Send a link on Slack of a:
    • a board.
    • a card.
  6. Add a card to a list at the:
    • top.
    • bottom.
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