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File size 50MB. Looking for Windows, versions?

FREE team presence

Get Zipier from your tray. Have power shortcuts. Search with the floating "Spotlight" bar.


Choose to be alerted when team members start or stop.

Cross platform

Windows or Mac. See what's new. Version 1.0.304.

Share your day

Share your presence, including screenshots and webcam shots.


Check out the beautiful visuals on how you spent your day.


Compare your presence to your timesheet's hours.

Remote teams

Know who's around even when working from home. Get your team together, no matter where they work.

Team togetherness

Night or day. Here or there. Now your teams in one place.

End phone-tag

Check your co-worker's around before calling.

Status. Symbols.

At their desk? In a meeting? Out to lunch? Always know your team's status.

Set & forget

Install once — now your team always knows your status.

Visual updates

Share screen and cam shots whenever you're working.

You pay nothing
zero... nada ...
FREE for all!

Give it a try! Use it all you want.
And tell your friends :)

Really free?

  • It's FREE for all — use all features and pay nothing.
  • Share as much presence as you want. It's all FREE!
  • There's no premium plan — just the same FREE for all plan.

Any limits?

  • All the people you want.
  • All the presence sharing you want!
  • All your questions answered. Our FREE live chat team's here to help.
  • There's no limits!

Can I trust you guys?

  • We won't spam you.
  • We won't sell your private info.
  • There's no sneaky 30 day cripple trials.

How is this free?

We've run a modest call center for years, and built this software to solve our own admin headaches. It works for us, and we hope it works for you too :)

Why free?

We believe software should be free, and the world will be better when:

"Employers have better tools to look after their employees."

Our mission:

"Create a world where everyone has better pay."


Personal convenience
Windows and Mac.
Run at startup.
Power keyboard shortcuts.
Multi-timezone teams.
Low bandwidth.
Free 30 day shot storage.
Presence sharing
Share keyboard use.
Share mouse use.
Share screensaver.
Share desktop locked.
Dual or quad panel mode.
Free 3 months presence storage.
Data security
Encrypted transmission.
Shots private to your org.
Internet outage caching.
Download days shots as ZIP file.
Daily email reports — optional.
"Spotlight" like search.
Workplace presence
Hover to see co-workers.
Shares screen & webcam shots.
Updated every 1 minute.
Only taken when work-time started.
Replay shots anytime.
Extended sharing
Blacklisted site visits.
Blacklist editing.
Dual monitor support.
Dual webcam support.
Compare presence to time done.