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Easy timesheets PRO

Clock-in from anywhere with just two clicks. No forms to fill out. No hardware to buy.

Take a break

See "break time so far" with the on-screen reminder.

Switch projects

Capture time for each project. Switch projects easily.


Hourly pay PRO

Hourly pay's easy. Zipier auto-calculates all regular, overtime, holiday, and paid time off.

Night shift friendly

Correct holiday + overtime, even for shifts past midnight.

Lates & no-shows

Reports show clear patterns of lates and no-shows.


Track hours PRO

Reports on hours worked. Observe what's done daily. Get timesheet updates in your inbox.

Get the facts

Base HR decisions on facts — not opinions.

Survey feelings

Get feedback, daily, on how your employees feel.


Plan shifts PRO

Plan shift hours. Report total hours done. Compare daily, weekly, and monthly.

Publish shifts

Now everyone sees upcoming shifts — with just one click.

Exact clock-ins

No more fuzzy time reporting. Exact clock-in time recorded.

Zipier Pro
Everything in Zipier FREE
Time off, attendance, integrations,
hourly pay, & accounting sync.

One price for all Pro features!
Pro is FREE
during beta
per active Pro user/month.

Will FREE stay free?

Yes, FREE stays free. When Pro goes out of beta, you'll still get all FREE features for free.

We'll give you plenty of notice before Pro goes out of beta — in case you'd like to turn off Pro.

Do you charge for inactive Pro users?

You're only charged you for active Pro users. That is, users that ACTUALLY USED a Pro feature sometime during the month. Pro is FREE during beta.

If a Pro user doesn't use any Pro features (in a month), we won't bill you for that person — and they'll still have full use of Zipier for FREE.

Can just part of my team do Pro?

Yes. You can turn on Pro for some pay batches, and not others.

People in non-Pro pay batches are always FREE!

Any hidden costs?

There's no hidden or other setup costs. You'll only pay $2.99 per active Pro user. Pro is FREE during beta.

How do I pay?

Pay by credit card (or PayPal) at the start of each month.

Any limits?

  • All the timesheets you like!
  • All the timesheet storage you like!
  • All the attendance clock-ins you like!
  • All your questions answered. Our FREE support team's here to help.
  • This, and all other Pro features, for just $2.99 per active Pro user, per month. Pro is FREE during beta.


PRO Accurate time recording
Real-time clock-ins.
"On break" reminder.
"Break time so far" display.
Keyboard shortcuts to start and stop.
Supports working past 12 midnight.
Easy project switching.
PRO Integrated payroll
Hourly paid payroll.
Report hours per project.
Admin-only editing of timesheets.
Support for Overtime, holiday, and night pay.
Observe end-of-day employee feelings.
Measure attendance targets per project.
PRO Effective shift planning
"In advance" shift scheduling.
Upcoming shifts at-a-glance.
Compare done vs. planned times.
Bulk copy planned times.
Log notes throughout the day.
Daily team timesheets email.
PRO 360° reporting
Daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
Attendance reports.
"No shows" report.
"Late starts" report.
PRO All-you-can-eat unlimited
All the timesheets you like.
All the employees you like.
All the projects you like.
All the attendance reporting you like.