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FREE timesheets

Clock-in from anywhere with just two clicks. No forms to fill out. Keyboard Ninjas can even do it with shortcuts.

Take a break

See "break time so far" with the on-screen reminder.

Switch projects

Capture time for each project. Switch projects with 3 clicks.

Pay hourly

Hourly pay's easy. Zipier auto-calculates all regular, overtime, holiday, and paid time off.

Night shift friendly

Adjusts for holidays and overtime if working past 12 midnight.

Lates & no-shows

Reports show clear patterns. See lates and no-shows.

Report hours

Reports on hours worked. Observe what's done daily. Get timesheet updates in your inbox.

Get the facts

Make decisions based on reported facts — not opinions.

Follow feelings

Get daily feedback on how employees feel at day-end.

Plan shifts

Plan shift hours. Report total hours done. Compare daily, weekly, and monthly.

Shifts published

Now everyone sees upcoming shifts with just one click.

Exact clock-ins

No more fuzzy time reporting. Exact clock-ins are recorded.

You pay nothing
zero... nada ...
FREE for all!

Give it a try! Use it all you want.
And tell your friends :)

Really free?

  • It's FREE for all — use all features and pay nothing.
  • Hire all the hourly employees you want. They're all FREE!
  • There's no premium plan — just the same FREE for all plan.

Any limits?

  • All the people you want.
  • All the timesheets you want!
  • All the timesheet storage you want!
  • All the attendance clock-ins you want!
  • All your questions answered. Our FREE live chat team's here to help.
  • There's no limits!

Can I trust you guys?

  • We won't spam you.
  • We won't sell your private info.
  • There's no sneaky 30 day cripple trials.

How is this free?

We've run a modest call center for years, and built this software to solve our own admin headaches. It works for us, and we hope it works for you too :)

Why free?

We believe software should be free, and the world will be better when:

"Employers have better tools to look after their employees."

Our mission:

"Create a world where everyone has better pay."


Accurate time recording
Real-time clock-ins.
Still on break reminder.
Break-time-so-far reminder.
Keyboard shortcuts to start and stop.
Work past 12 midnight.
Easy project switching.
Integrated payroll
Hourly paid payroll.
Report hours per project.
Admin-only timesheet edits.
Overtime & Holiday pay.
Observe end of day feelings.
Measure targets per project.
Effective shift planning
Shift scheduling.
Upcoming shifts at-a-glance.
Compare done vs. planned times.
Bulk copy planned times.
Log notes throughout the day.
End of day timesheet emails.
360° reporting
Daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
Attendance reports.
No shows report.
Late starts report.
FREE & Unlimited
All the timesheets you want.
All the employees you want.
All the projects you want.
All the reporting you want.